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like new and stuff...

Name: transgender kate
Gender: tranny
Age: 32 weeks
Location: inside my mother's womb


-Movies: hate them
-People: ew!
-Music: gross!
-Books/Comics: reading?? i don't read. i like sex way more.
-Quote: "nothing says love like herpes"
-Sexual position (if you haven't had sex then take a wild guess!): the armpit? sorry guyz i'm lik a total vergin. 

Yes or No-

Tattoos? yes
-How many? 324
Piercings? yes
-How many? 34
LJ Addict? no addictions are bad i'm straight edge


Current mood: happy
Current hair: bald
Current clothes: naked
Current annoyance: you
Current thing I ought to be doing: having sex with my dog 
Current desktop picture: myself naked
Current cd in stereo: kelly clarkson
Current love: my tits


Describe yourself with a sound: weeeeeee
Describe yourself with one word: whoaaaaaa
How attractive do you find yourself? oooh baby, i'm masturbating right now
:::Post at least 1 or 2 pictures of yourself:::
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