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Name: Heidi
Gender: Female
Age: Almost 20
Location: California


-Movies: American Beauty, Donnie Dorko, Cruel Intentions, Pirates Of The Carribbean
-People: My boyfriend is my favorite person.
-Music: I like a lot of different kinds.
-Books/Comics: I like horror novels
-Quote: I can't think of one at the moment.
-Sexual position (if you haven't had sex then take a wild guess!): I like to take it from behind... I also like being on top.

Yes or No-

Tattoos? Nope
-How many? ~~~~~
Piercings? Yeah
-How many? 3
LJ Addict? Somewhat. lol


Current mood: Kinda sleepy, actually. And bored.
Current hair: I am having a bad hari day. So it's up in a ponytail.
Current clothes: Dark blue jeans and a red tank top.
Current annoyance: The heat. Damn it is hot in my house...
Current thing I ought to be doing: Fucking my boyfriend! =P
Current desktop picture: Same as my user icon.
Current cd in stereo: Evanescence
Current love: Adam. =)


Describe yourself with a sound: Mmmmmmmmm... (lol)
Describe yourself with one word: Sassy
How attractive do you find yourself? More attractive than most people. Although I take awful
:::Post at least 1 or 2 pictures of yourself:::

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