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Name: Jinessa
Gender: Lady
Age: 18
Location: Florida


-Movies: Thirteen, Saw, Amityville, The Cell
-People: My mom, my best friend Amanda, and Ryan Reynolds
-Music: Rock, Alternative--I love the band Trapt
--Books/Comics: White Oleander
-Quote: "Just know I do this because I care not for the thrill"--Brand New
-Sexual position (if you haven't had sex then take a wild guess!): Guy on top 

Yes or No-

Tattoos? Yes
-How many? 2...  and then a ladybug on my toe. ( sorry no pic)
Piercings?  Yes
-How many? 4, only in my ears
LJ Addict? Oh yeah!


Current mood: Tired
Current hair: up in a little bun
Current clothes: Blue jeans, a black shirt
Current annoyance: The T.V, nothing is good on.
Current thing I ought to be doing: Typing my final that is de tomorrow.
Current desktop picture:  A pic of me and my best friend
Current cd in stereo: A mix of rap and rock music
Current love: My new pedicure!  >.<


Describe yourself with a sound:  BAM
Describe yourself with one word: Cool
How attractive do you find yourself? Between 1-10, I wold be...6.5
:::Post at least 1 or 2 pictures of yourself:::




.:: thanks guys! ::.

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