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Name: Brooke
Gender: female
Age: 15
Location: upstate NY


-Movies: Stranger Than Fiction, Little Miss Sunshine, and Donnie Darko.
-People: Oh, definitely I'd say my dearest friends (:
-Music: Bayside, Say Hi To Your Mom, Silverstein, Atmosphere, local bands too.
-Books/Comics: anything by Ellen Hopkin is amazing.
-Quote: "Killing under the cloak of war is no different than murder" - Albert Einstein.
-Sexual position (if you haven't had sex then take a wild guess!): ahha i'm a virgin, but i'll just say 69 for the heck of it.

Yes or No-

Tattoos? not yet (:
-How many? none
Piercings? yes
-How many? 2, my ears
LJ Addict? haha basically.


Current mood: lethargic.
Current hair: down, but horribly messy.
Current clothes: jeans and a hoodie.
Current annoyance: mother dearest laughing loudly in the other room at SNL.
Current thing I ought to be doing: sleeping. 
Current desktop picture: a picture i took of the sky that i just found.
Current cd in stereo: Bayside's acoustic album.
Current love: my boyfriend, ben (: 


Describe yourself with a sound: BIZZAM
Describe yourself with one word: creative.
How attractive do you find yourself? i suppose i'm about average. (:
:::Post at least 1 or 2 pictures of yourself:::

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